Expert community
This is a community of successful designers who are ready to influence the industry every day with all of their passion. We are here to develop new channels of communication and exchange experience and evaluate design projects as well as pump up new skills — without the snobbery and posturing.
We are sure that real experts are successful designers who solve real problems every day
And are not just a limited circle of people speaking at conferences. Therefore, we decided to breathe new life into the design expert community and launched 6designers Experts and 6designers YoungExperts.
Young Experts
Andrey Abramov
Art Director, aic.
Alexander Kiryanov
Art Director, Greensight
Kirill Romanov
Art Director, U°Community
Eric Wicks
Lead Designer, Argo Design
Stas Polyakov
Art Director, AICAG
Igor Gott
Рroduct Designer, Alfa-bank
Sergey Kireev
Head of Design, aic.
Sasha Grishin
Head of Design, Badoo
Nikita Zimin
Senior Designer, Fantasy
Artem Geller
Art Director, AICAG
Katya Lemma
Head of UX, ONY
Dima Boychuk
Co-Founder, Hexagon Agency
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Kolya Ivanov
Art Director, aic.
Natasha Faibisovich
Art Director, Sreda Obuchenia
Ruslan Lobachev
Design Director,
Danial Siddiqui
Senior Product Designer, Sber kids
Alexander Otvazhniy
Lead Designer, Sberbank
Sasha Melbourne
Senior Designer, aic.
Alexander Shmelev
Senior Designer, Binary District
Iliya Klyavlin
UI Designer, eLama
Georgiy Rostomov
Veniamin Veqq
Designer, M18
Yanis Kalninsh
Art Director, Proscom
Alexander Stogov
Art Director, Avito
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Yulia Abramova
UX Designer
Ivan Zvyagin
Lead Designer,
Alexey Matveev
Lead Product Designer, Linkmuse
Konstantin Karpov
Art Director, Averia
Sergey Artemenko
Product Designer, LabelUp
Dmitry Poyarkov
Creative Producer, Strash
German Krikorov
Product Designer, Trend Agent
Rostislav Tyan
Product Designer, Sberbank
Anna Korniyets
Mira Arsenitch
Sergey Dudin
Product Designer, Eksmo Publishing House
Polina Durmanova
Designer, Letoile
Elena Zubareva
UX/UI Designer, Avant
Andrey Sakharov
Lead Designer, aic.
Sergey Zharkov
UX/UI Designer, Proxima Agency
Evgeniya Yakovleva
Interface Designer, Orbita Center
Alexey Lapyshov
Senior UI/UX Designer, SL Tech
Арина Меснянкина
UX Design,
Arina Mesnyankina
Here, together with other experts, you will evaluate several portfolios every day
While we organize private events, write articles, and interview experts that we share on our blog. Additionally, if the designer, whose portfolio was approved by our experts, begins work with a company through the 6designers platform, we will be happy to share the success and income with active community members.
Development experts (coming soon)