A closed community of designers available for hire
Why should I use your platform for recruiting?
To hire a good designer, you need to look through more than 100 CVs, bring 20 people to the first stage of interview rounds, give them 10 test tasks, conduct 5 interviews in the final stage, and, if you are lucky, find the one who you were looking for.
At 6designers.com, you see only the carefully selected designers. No more rifling through 100 CVs and 25 interviews.
What makes you different from a recruiter?
Recruiters do not have enough expertise to assess the candidate's hard skills. With 6designers, each designer goes through 3 screening stages before getting on the platform:
  1. initial screening by 6designers experts,
  2. portfolio evaluation of selected candidates by external experts,
  3. an interview with the HR manager for soft skills testing.
The candidates get on the platform only in the case of successful completion of all the stages.
How much will it cost me?
The good news is that we are cheaper than traditional recruiters. If you hire a candidate with our help, we will issue an invoice equal to their monthly salary.
What if the candidate fails the probationary period?
In this case, you do not pay anything for hiring a new designer on our platform.
Can I contact the designers outside your platform to ask questions?
Of course not. Otherwise, we will have to immediately remove you from the platform.
We promptly answer questions regarding specific candidates. The designers get all the preliminary offers at the end of the week.
If I list the highest rate, will the candidate be guaranteed to choose me?
Not necessarily. At the end of the bidding, the designer will consider all the offers received and choose which companies he wants to continue the conversation with. But, you will have the opportunity to schedule a personal interview, make control tests, and much more.

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